Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hazards of playtesting

As Griff mentioned, we're about to crank up our D&D sessions again, after a bit of a hiatus; we young'uns are finding it harder to co-ordinate our time to get together, but damn if we're not going to try.

Also, since it's being mentioned on this blog, it'll be playing D&D Next (5e damn it!). I refreshed my memory over the last few days with all the playtest rules, put some final touches on some encounters... and then discover that they've released a new playtest package, with quite a few changes!

Skills are gone. I did not see that one coming!

The Monk, Ranger and Rogue now get Expertise, to emphasize that they tended to be the skill-hungry classes of old.

And the Wizard is dead. Long live the Mage! Well, the wizard does still live spottily throughout the latest playtest docs where find-and-replace apparently failed WotC.

I have about an hour left before everyone arrives, so I'm off to dot some beholder eyes and cross my dungeon T-intersections. We'll let you know how it goes!

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